My Guiding Principles

Credit: Patricia Saxton

Credit: Patricia Saxton

I didn’t have to look long before I understood my intention for this blog:

That I always say something relevant. I never want anything that isn’t helpful and meaningful in some way.

That my essence is always present – even when someone else is speaking. What is my essence? Charming, kind, informative.

That I speak to all kinds of people, all ages, both sexes; that no one is excluded and anyone can see himself in the stories.

That I embrace my age and never run from it.

That some people return for regular visits and conversations when they have a lot to say, and others remain one-time voices.

That everyone feels safe and welcome to express himself without judgment.

That people walk away informed or touched or joyful in some way.

That my blog will always look clean, polished and be well-written without grammatical errors.

Melissa Kaplan Guarino

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13 thoughts on “My Guiding Principles

  1. These are great principles to live by in general! Blog first for you, and second for others – we’ll be here reading and supporting your explorations 🙂

  2. I only just stumbled on your blog. Your guiding principles are uplifting. To focus on one item which might seem minor or trivial to some: I was astonished and thrilled to learn of your commitment to impeccable grammar! I feel sure that I speak for many additional Internet participants who love reading and who cherish elegant, thoughtful, writing: writing free of whimsical spelling and sloppy syntax; dignified, self-respecting; clear, expressive, authentically communicative — the kind of writing that refuses to merge into the online torrent of all-but-incoherent prose. Bravo, and thank you.

    • Hi Elizabeth. You made my day! Thank you for your kind sentiments – they mean so much to me. I am pleased that you enjoy my writing and support my intentions. I welcome comments and input. xx Mel

  3. Melissa, love your interview with Sarah. She’s a terrific young woman who is pursuing something of great interest to her. Would that all our kids pursue what inspires them.

    Melissa, this past summer, I ran into Project 333. With Margaret’s help, I finally tackled my closet, kept only the summer clothes I loved, gave away or packed away everything else, and felt like I had great clothes choices every day. (I’m struggling a bit more with the fall capsule wardrobe, but have high hopes.) Would love to hear what you think of dressing with a capsule wardrobe?


    • Hi MB. Thank you for your comments. Lovely to hear from you. I agree with you about Sarah – I am rooting for her! I have not heard of Project 333 but it sounds intriguing. As my friend Parker says, “Love it or leave it.” I believe we should truly love our clothes, and wear only what we love. And I mean love – as in touch it, feel it, love. I am all for having a closet cleanse from time to time and keeping only what works. We deserve only the best. xx Mel

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