What’s up with booty shorts?

Pitbull and company performing on Good Morning America, May 31, 2013 Photo credit: ABC/Fred Lee

Pitbull and company performing on Good Morning America, May 31, 2013 Photo credit: ABC/Fred Lee

I have it on good authority that booty shorts are being worn in the public schools. Someone close to me (in middle school) who must remain anonymous for this feature, spent time talking about warm weather and booty shorts. “What,” may I ask (knowing full-well the answer) “are booty shorts?” His answer: “really short shorts that the girls wear to school.” Hmmm … “How did you come up with the name booty shorts?” His response: “Everyone calls them that.”

… so I googled booty shorts and found several links highlighting stripper shorts and dancer shorts. Nowhere did I find a link about middle-school age girls. And now I am back to one of the key questions I ponder when speaking of fashion … what is age appropriate dressing? And I don’t ask the question lightly nor do I confine it to midde-school age girls. At 52 it is something I need to question every day. How about the length of the shorts and skirts I wear? And other things like the fit of my t-shirts and sweaters.

But I do think it is worth asking yourself. And certainly discussing if you have teenagers or even younger kids. It’s much easier for me – I have only boys. This same source told me that the only really inappropriate thing he sees the boys wearing to school are the low-fitted loose jeans where the back pockets hit below the tush. And not all the guys are wearing those.

And then, almost as a follow-up to this discussion I happened to tune into Good Morning America last Friday to see rapper, songwriter and record producer Pitbull perform some of his hits, celebrating the GMA Summer Concert Series. He had a group of female dancers performing with him, wearing what can only be described as booty shorts! And then I knew … what chance do our young girls have when they are bombarded with these images? And how hard has it become for the mothers of these young girls? Come on – let’s ask the question!

What do you think?

Pitbull and company performing on Good Morning America, May 31, 2013 Photo Credit: ABC/Fred Lee

Pitbull and company performing on Good Morning America, May 31, 2013 Photo Credit: ABC/Fred Lee

Your thoughts?

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6 thoughts on “What’s up with booty shorts?

  1. I think that the booty shorts are just fine for dancers in a show…like a Pit Bull Concert. And though I do not like them, I can see how some girl may want to wear them out to a party, as they are fashionable right now. BUT they have ZERO business being worn in school. We have some semblance of a dress code in our schools (like no spaghetti strap shirts…and I am sure a no booty shorts clause is in the works, if its not in there already) They are absolutely inappropriate school attire. Just like they would be inappropriate in an office setting!

    In my house, we teach our children that school IS their place of business right now. They are expected to be respectful to their bosses “teachers”, get their homework done “reports/presentations” AND dress in an appropriate manner for their “office”. I dont think that any of my 3 daughters would try to wear booty shorts to school and IF they tried, they would be sent immediately back on the stairs to change…even the senior in high school.

    It is about self respect, respect for those around you and respecting the school atmosphere! That is what we teach our children…no matter what “everyone else is doing”. I really could care less about that!

    Bravo, Melissa, for bringing the booty shorts to question…as IF they leave very little to question 🙂

    • Wow, Kylie! Beautifully said. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and your family’s experience and expectations in terms of dress code. I love the analogy of school as your family’s place of business! How appropriate. I will use that, with your permission, with my boys as well. You’re right – it is all about respect – respect for those around you and mostly, respect for yourself. Hugs! xx Mel

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