What do you think?

A friend asked me recently what are my guiding principles and my intention for this blog. It is a good question and it turns out that I didn’t have to look far to find my answers. I have  them here. But in the spirit of conversation and collaboration I would like to know what you are looking for when you submit comments?

Your thoughts?

I love comments. Feel free to share yours

3 thoughts on “What do you think?

  1. I love your guiding principles Melissa! I visit your blog to see your unique take on fashion. I enjoy your interviews since they have a broad range of perspectives- from teens to mature women and everyone in between. Most of all, I love your conversational tone. It is like talking to a girlfriend over a nice cup of tea. Your topics are always fun and relevant. I look forward to your posts as a break from my hectic day.

  2. Steven said: This is awesome! I love the open dialogue you are having with your
    readers and the level of involvement you are trying to have with them as
    well. You really care about your readers’ opinions and that is so
    refreshing since you mostly see fashion blogs that regurgitate info from
    one another or just talk at their readers. Keep up the great work
    Mel, it and you are amazing.

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