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My name is Melissa Kaplan Guarino. Welcome to Turning Fashion Inside Out! I believe there is a connection between fashion and self-esteem and I am interested in understanding that relationship. Tell me … What is your story?

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8 thoughts on “Let it shine

  1. Hi Melissa!! Love your blog…I have a fashion question for you? What is your opinion on white jeans before Memorial Day? My teen daughter and I were not in agreement about having saving for summer season only?? Looking forward to your reply.
    Christine 🙂

    • Thank you Christine, for this terrific question. It is a valid one. White can be worn year-round and the rules for wearing white have been updated. In fact, there are varying shades of white that work well with winter outfits, and can be used as accent pieces or on their own. Having said that, however, it is always important to think in terms of the entire ‘look.’ In other words, take time to think about the shoes and top and coat that you would pair with the jeans. White jeans look great with a summery-style flat or sandal; it is difficult to picture a sharp, white jean with a winter shoe and coat. Let your eye guide you and you will find your answer.

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