Madonna Havana Good Time!

Madonna's Instagram from Havana

Madonna’s Instagram from Havana

Last week Madonna traveled to Havana, Cuba, with family and friends – to celebrate her 58th birthday. She posted this image on her Instagram – one of many from her trip – wearing white lace accented with red, to match the white and red of this ’57 Chevy. It’s the Madonna I know – looking Like-Her-Virgin self, having a fashion moment for us to enjoy. There is something about this image and this story that really touches me. I love Madonna’s style, I love that her celebration involved dancing on conga lines and on tables – enjoying the music scene with the locals, and I love that she was there with her children and her old friends Debi Mazar and Rosie O’Donnell.

What is it that draws me to it? Is it that I will be celebrating my 58th birthday in a few years? Is it my own Latin roots? Maybe. But I think it has more to do with feeling a part of it. And just seeing Madonna Havana Good Time!

Your thoughts?

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