I’m buying that!


05-love-quotesWomen’s Health Magazine, inspired by Valentine’s Day, calls out the 12-best love quotes of all-time. This quote, by Carrie Bradshaw of Sex and the City (aka Sarah Jessica Parker) is my favorite. I remember it well: it was the final scene of the series, and Carrie had returned to New York after Mr. Big (whom we now find out is named John) rescues her from a painful time in Paris and brings her home to New York. Carrie is walking the streets, so happy to be back in her city, with her friends, her love … and herself. Loving yourself, being your best you and finding someone who feels the same way? I’m buying that! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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2 thoughts on “I’m buying that!

    • Thank you for telling me that, Kylie! I remember this moment in the final episode of Sex and the City (a show I watched religiously); Carrie’s words gave me the chills then. And to be reminded of them now … well, that’s just fabulous! xx Mel

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