I’m not buying that!

P1000049 3Reported by Fashionista.com: After struggling with bankruptcy for years and finally closing its doors in February, Loehmann’s is coming back. What? Really? Apparently, Loehmann’s was given a second life when hedge fund Esopus Creek Value Series Fund LP acquired Loehmann’s name and intellectual properties in bankruptcy court. Now, Esopus has brought on brand development and advisory firm CAK Entertainment Inc to launch a new Loehmann’s in May; as on online-only retailer.

Here is where you have me. I am very pleased that they will be carrying the same brands. And I understand the importance of online shopping, especially when research shows that the younger market shops online. But then, I say, don’t call it Loehmann’s. Loehmann’s can’t be about online-only shopping!! Where are the dressing rooms? Where are the almost-naked women? Where is the camaraderie; the other women telling you to buy-that-outfit-because-it looks-so-great-on-you-and-you-will-regret-it-if-you-don’t-get-it?

Who are they kidding?! Loehmann’s is not an online-only shopping experience. And if they think we don’t remember what Loehmann’s was, I’m not buying that!

Your thoughts?

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