Here we are … talking swimsuits and body image with Lisa Curran

‘Tis the season for swimsuit shopping, and in this interview with the very talented swimsuit designer, Lisa Curran, we go deeper and talk about the connection between swimsuits and body image. I am impressed with Lisa Curran’s direct and forthcoming point of view, and I value this honest exchange about what matters most when wearing a swimsuit, which, let’s face it, leaves us all feeling vulnerable and exposed.

Credits: Directed by Claudine Liss; Photography by Lisa Reznik; Editing by Odeon Films – Shot on Location at MONDO Summit, Summit NJ



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4 thoughts on “Here we are … talking swimsuits and body image with Lisa Curran

  1. Ok…THIS was brilliant! I love the questions you asked and what Lisa Curran had to share about them. She is wonderful!!! I love everything about this interview…fantastic job!

    • Thank you so much, Kylie, for your wonderful words. Lisa Curran is wonderful and the perfect person with whom to speak about swimsuits and body image. I am honored to have had this conversation. xx Mel

  2. Thanks Melissa for this interview, so well-timed as we approach swimsuit season. You offer a great opportunity to hear a designer’s story on sensitive topics. Terrific format! Will there be more to come?

    • Thank you so much, Lisa, for your lovely and very supportive comments. I appreciate them more than you know. My goal was to go deeper and have a conversation about the sensitive aspects of wearing a swimsuit and how younger girls are affected. I am glad that the message came through, and Lisa Curran was the perfect person to offer her point of view. I would love to add more interviews and conversations to TFIO! Stay tuned for more … xx Mel

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