Leopard is the New Neutral

There have been moments when my fashion dreams came to life! I have seen my favorite fashion muse Leandra Medine speak before but to see her speaking in such an intimate setting, blew me away! Kate Spade store, West Village, NYC, was one of these moments: the sight of Leopard Leopard Leopard – a KateSpadexManRepeller pop-up store event. Medine, founder of mighty media company, ManRepeller, joined the visionary behind Kate Spade, Chief Creative Officer Deborah Lloyd, in a conversation about their personal stories, their feelings about success … and of course, how they feel about wearing the fashion staple, leopard, which in Medine’s words is “the new neutral!” It was inspiring!

What does it mean to be strong, in your careers and in your lives …

DL: To be courageous, to say what you think, to believe in yourself. I respect everyone who has an opinion.

LM: To have mental resilience; the ability to absorb feedback and to power through.

On Inspiration ..

DL: I am inspired by Paris in the 1920’s. One of my favorites is Josephine Baker – I love what she stood for – she broke all the rules. I also love heroines like Amelia Earhart.

LM: You can turn your life into the sum of your thoughts. I am just learning this now. Learning this has been exciting and motivating!

Adding leopard to your wardrobe …

DL: I am very excited about this new collection. I love wearing leopard as a neutral, with a pop of color. Red is a great pop of color with leopard – that is why I especially love the leopard booty with the red flowers!

LM: I wear a lot of leopard. I like to wear it with plaid (and when asked if Leandra mixes the leopard with like plaid colors – her response was … “of course, not!!”

Jeans, Frame Denim; sweater A.L.C. , leopard booties, vintage

Photos of me: Myriam Alvarez

Leandra Medine (left) and Deoborah Lloyd (right) at Kate Spade x ManRepeller pop-up store

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