Sophie’s Choice

Sophie in her red!

Sophie in her red!

Sophie and I just met, and I am lucky that she will be shooting the images for my blog. Sophie is a gifted photographer, a high school senior, and a blogger. And she and I share a passion for fashion, self expression, and red lipstick! Sophie shared with me her dreams for the future, why she became inspired to express herself the minute she started high school, and why red is her new favorite color 

MKG: Were you always interested in fashion and photography?

Sophie: Ever since middle school I have loved the idea of being able to dress anyway I liked. I watched my older sister get ready for high school every morning, envious of her creativity and individuality, as she put an outfit together. When I started high school, I instantly fell in love with creating an outfit, and for the first time I enjoyed going to school, because I felt good in my skin, because I had discovered my personal style. It was then that I realized how much I loved fashion and that I wanted to be involved in the industry in some way. During my sophomore year I took my first photography class, and fell in love with creating pictures and watching film slowly develop.

MKG: What inspired you to start, The Adventures of S? What is your intention for the blog and how long have you been blogging?

SophieI started my blog, The Adventures of S, in 2013, because I felt that I had something unique and inspirational to offer. Through my blog I want to show that you can dress however you like as long as you are always happy with what you do. I also stress the idea that ‘Confidence is Key, with weekly inspirational posts, illustrating that when you are confident anything is possible. My blog allows me to highlight what I wear on a daily basis, my photography skills, and what is inspiring me at the moment. I take all of my own pictures with a tripod and I have learned a lot about photography, just by composing self portraits.

MKG: Do you believe there is a connection between fashion and self esteem?

SophieI believe that there is a direct correlation between fashion and self esteem, but I think that confidence comes more from personal style rather than fashion trends. There is something so invigorating about creating an outfit, and knowing that I have created something that is uniquely mine gives me my confidence.

MKG: You are now a senior in high school. What goes on in the world of fashion and self-expression in high school? Is it different as a senior?

SophieFor many people, high school is a really hard time to express yourself, but for me it is where my inspiration began. High school can be a time to mold oneself into an expected image and just blend in, but I think that people are slowly moving away from that idea and are actually trying to be unique and who they really are. There is definitely a certain ‘style’ that many people adapt while in high school. At my school, I notice a lot of people in “preppy” clothing and also athletic clothes. As a senior I sort of view the entire school differently because next year I will be somewhere different, as well.

MKG: What would you like to do when you grow up?

SophieWhen I grow up I want to be a stylist for magazines and other editorial pieces in the fashion industry. I want to be creative everyday, always creating something new and unique. I hope to also incorporate my love of photography into my life. But I can’t forget that there are so many things in the world that need fixing, and I would love to get involved with something that would clean up our earth or help people in developing nations.

MKG: Sophie, that is beautiful. I can’t wait to see where life takes you … Now, tell me about those red shoes! And the red lipstick!

SophieMy personal style is always changing and I love that. One day I can be in an all-black outfit with my red lipstick, the only hint of color. The next, I could be in a bright-colored dress paired with my little red buckle booties or a dress that looks like it belongs on Nancy Drew. You noticed a personal trend: I am in love with all things red. I just got a red printed kimono and my awesome red booties (literally, my go-to shoe for everything!) from Free People. I have also been experimenting with red lipstick since last winter, and I love the color it adds to an outfit. Right now I love this darker pink Cover Girl lipstick, and my tried-and-true-red Revlon Color Stay Lipstick.” ~ Sophie MacMillan

For the last year, I have been blessed to have my dear friend, Alexandra, by my side, taking my pictures. Now, I feel lucky to have Sophie sharing the experience of Turning Fashion Inside Out, with me. (MKG)



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