The Magic of High-Low Dressing

Optimized-91XS-koko0V4fyZOrB_LQsq7_bUSRgNPrClltsgv0XMOptimized-d6aLpyp3hwA-0ECbnLt3rb6txrENLHvgDUbqaaB5x7g-2Here is one of my fashion secrets (I have shared it before but it’s worth mentioning again): I love to mix high-low dressing. What do I mean? I will spend more money on certain clothes and bargain-shop for others, and then mix them together in a blended marriage of high-low dressing. And why do I it? For two reasons: because dressing high-low saves me money and because I can express myself more individually and eclectically. This outfit is a perfect example: I paid a higher price for the jeans and the boots and I saved money on the jacket and the sweater. Denim is an essential part of my wardrobe and something I wear most days. If I purchase a quality pair of jeans I know I can wear them often and they will hold their shape and fit. These Frame Denim jeans are a relatively new purchase and I actually have been wearing them every day. The boots are Rachel Comey and are at least four years old. I bought them because they were made really well and were just too cute and unique (with the color blocking) to pass up. The jacket is also a new purchase: $40 at H&M. Yes, $40 for this stylish, slightly-oversized jacket in a leopard print. I have had so many compliments when I wear the jacket and I think no one has any idea that I purchased it at such a bargain price. The sweater is Rag & Bone that I purchased on sale at a consignment shop (another one of my fashion secrets!). The price? $25.

In general, I tend to spend more money on shoes, coats, denim and pants; I try to save money everywhere else. It is pure magic when I put these pieces together and nobody can tell the difference, Well, I have done it now. The jig is up!

Photos by Sophie MacMillan

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4 thoughts on “The Magic of High-Low Dressing

  1. hi low dressing is the name of the game… most people don’t know how to mix it up…it’s actually more fun to shop that way… and it saves money too. I always recommend that my clients buy “denim” in colors too… not just blue! having fun with it all is the goal :
    thank you for posting…love You.. Rivka

    • Thank you very much, Rivka! Coming from you this is a tremendous compliment. Mixing it up saves money and gives you creativity and choices to be the most ‘you!’ Great advice about denim, too. Love you too! xx Mel

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