Into the Woods …

mxmoR29WGUbGNKVxD9Reyw2KCPn1KC1x25e_re6mEx8,DFHhGokvMCkl_SJ6TjeDqYiqojz-b9JTauiv86oD5ic,VCpr0ZsBwEACl0dqhDQJzluZc7CINhq6hJI1W8XrvhU-1… and into a New Year. I often find myself walking in the woods to clear my mind and open my heart. I guess you could say that I am trying literally, to set the path for my life. Here I am again, thinking good thoughts and wishing everyone a very Happy New Year! Here’s to the brightest 2015!

Outfit: Rebecca Taylor sweater, Frame Denim jeans, L.L. Bean shoes, Misaharada cap

Photos by Sophie MacMillan


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