The Hair Necessity

Photo by Lauren Hagerstrom

A funny thing happened to me when I became a mother for the first time: I began to cut my hair shorter. I guess I was looking for more serious hair to match this serious moment in my life. I didn’t cut it super short (to above my shoulders) but the trend lasted for a while. I wonder what it was that made me do it. Was it my age? Did I think that at a certain age a woman should wear her hair shorter, or that society would expect that of me? I think yes. Has this happened to anyone else? Now, 20+ years later, I have found myself again. It is with great joy that I am growing out my hair (and have changed my hair stylist, who is my partner in the process). Because except for a short stint as a 3 year-old when I had a pixie cut with bangs, I have always worn my hair long. It feels most like me. And why should I feel less like me as I get older? Why should I follow an idea of what it means to age, especially when it just doesn’t fit me? Why should I conform to what I think society expects of me when I don’t want it for myself?  It is the same with clothes and dressing. You must always be yourself, in all your life moments – and love who you are meant to be.

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