“Age shouldn’t define your hairstyle or hair length,” says Isak

Isak in the salon

Isak, at the salon

Isak knows hair. And he knows me. I am a bit finicky about my hair. Most of my life I have worn it the same way (center part, on the longer side – at least shoulder length); yet, I realize that the older I get, the longer I prefer my hair. I just feel better about myself with longer hair. So it was today, when I went to add glaze to my hair (a great alternative to chemical coloring, by the way), that Isak shared with me his thoughts on hair length, color application, and hair do’s and don’ts. I was surprised to see a connection between hair trends and fashion trends. You may, too. (And I was glad to finally learn what ‘ombre’ means!) Here is Isak…

Age shouldn’t define your hairstyle or hair length. At some time, it became accepted that as women age, they should cut their hair. But not every woman should being cutting her hair and in fact, you may look better with longer hair. Similarly, younger women can wear shorter hair, too. Not every young woman should wear her hair longer. The key is to understand what works best for you, and to make a change based on this, and not simply because you are following a trend …

Experimenting with color is good, but again, you shouldn’t do it simply because it’s a trend. Color should be determined by your skin tone and eye color. A true colorist knows what works for his/her client by looking at her skin and eyes. Too many women make mistakes because they are simply following trends. I see a lot of younger women going for the ‘ombre‘* look, for example. Ombre is a coloring approach meant to capture a beachy-look, with darker color at the roots, and graduating lighter color at the ends. But ombre will not work for someone with dark hair. The color oxidizes brassy and it looks unnatural …

The most important thing with color is to keep it as natural-looking as possible. Often times, I will meet a woman and we talk about her color as a young girl, or I will meet her daughter and see it for myself. You want to recapture that natural look, with tones of color. You never want to see just one, solid color. That is the point of having a colorist.” ~ Isak

*The term ‘ombre‘ is taken from the French word, meaning shaded or shading. Ombre hair color is generally darker at the roots through the mid-shaft and then gradually gets lighter from the mid-shaft to the ends. It is usually achieved using a balayage technique and is ideal for clients looking for a low-maintenance style.

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2 thoughts on ““Age shouldn’t define your hairstyle or hair length,” says Isak

  1. First off let me say, I love him and am completely jealous that you have him!

    I have always been open to experiment with my hair. I figure if I don’t like the color, it will fade out..if I don’t like the cut, it will grow out. So, I have never been one to worry too much about my hair. As long as its clean and brushed, I don’t care.

    But there is something so special about a real stylist, who gives an opinion. And, I don’t know, gives real guidance about what may be best for you? I think I would like to try that out sometime!

    • Thank you, Kylie! I love Isak, too. When I wanted to start coloring my hair to remove some grey, I soon found out that I am allergic to the chemicals (not to mention that I prefer not to use them!). It was Isak who introduced me to hair glazing and the benefits of glaze, without the use of chemicals. I will forever be grateful to him for that! I love that he says to be as natural as you can with your choices. And don’t just try something because it is a trend (the same can be said for fashion). For me, I realized that I wanted to wear my hair a bit longer, and even though I am getting older, that is what feels right to me. It’s all about the hair, isn’t it Kylie??! xx Mel

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