Nico Guilis Finds Her California, And Ours Too …

Find Your California, launches

Find Your California, launches: Photo Credit, Nico Guilis

I lived in Southern California for just a few years in the early 70s, but the memories of my life there, run deep. There is a huge part of me who will always be a California girl. So when I read the Harper’s Bazaar interview with artist and photographer Nico Guilis, about the November 3 launch of her new website, Find Your California, I had come home. Nico grew up in Malibu, California: a self-described, “hippy, surfer, artist chick … Find Your California was a mark of independence for me and something that I created on my own that quickly became an inspiration to other girls who are like-minded. I call it the stoke. Sharing the stoke about life. It circles back to a point to happiness,” says Nico. Find Your California will be a collection of travel diaries and beauty stories, all female, with inspiration and positive, empowering messages for girls everywhere.

Love this! Nico, you are gnarly. I am stoked. And I am buying it … For sure!


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