Coming of age in leather sweatpants

My $28 leather sweatpants from Loehmann's

My $28 leather sweatpants from Loehmann’s

The wonderful Belly Dancing at Le Souk Restaurant, NYC

The wonderful Belly Dancing at Le Souk Harem, NYC

What do the following have in common: celebrating a special birthday, New York City, Belly Dancing and making memories-of-a-lifetime? The answer: my leather sweatpants! When my dear friend Lisa celebrated a birthday milestone, I decided to follow my stylist’s lead and wear leather sweatpants! I took it to heart when Kim Naci said her obsession for 2014 was leather sweatpants; more comfortable than the leather jegging of 2013, leather sweatpants have just enough cool to be different. I found these at Loehmann’s for $28, during their going-out-of-business sale. Birthdays are a reminder to celebrate and what better way to do that than with friends, and of course …. fashion! Happy Birthday, Lisa!

Photos by Lisa Reznik

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8 thoughts on “Coming of age in leather sweatpants

  1. I think we have to find a pair of those awesome red leather sweatpants that Melissa wears so well for Lisa! Melissa, your article really captures the moment and reminds of the really important things in life, celebrating happy occasions with friends !! — L.R.

    • Thank you, L.R., for your kind comments. Clothes tell the story of our lives. I will always cherish the memories of this beautiful evening with friends; these memories returning every time I wear these leather sweatpants. And I am on the lookout for Lisa! xx Mel

  2. I also agree that the memories of sharing happy times with friends is “Priceless”.
    Loved the red leather pants too! Good friends and lots of laughs. Who could ask for more?

  3. I don’t love the leather sweat pants! It seems an oxymoron to have leather (chic) & sweat pants (laundry day wear) in the same breath! YOU, of course, pull it off because you are absolutely beautiful and would look amazing in a paper bag. For me…not so much! But, its always fun to be made aware of new fashion trends! On this particular one, I am out!

    • I love this, Kylie! Dialogue and conversation! I appreciate your point of view and of course, I thank you for your sweet compliment. TFIO is about opening the conversation, sharing stories, and finding the connection between fashion and self-esteem. If you are not going to feel good wearing something, you MUST NOT wear it. It only works when what you are wearing brings out the best in you. Thanks, again. xx Mel

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