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The Town Shop: my old friend

It was time. It had been well over a year since I bought a bra and I was sorely in need of a change. You know that moment when your clothes don’t look as flattering as they should? And just like a surprise visit from an old friend, I found myself in my old neighborhood, staring at the shop where I had first learned about the significance of the right-fitting bra. I have spoken about the importance of a good fit. It’s as vital as any element when shopping for clothes. But I haven’t gone deeper, or should I say closer, to the real you. And that means a good-fitting bra. We tend not to think about it but nothing does more for your look than wearing the right bra.

So, here I was – with Eddy – who began to tell me what women need to know. First, says Eddy, “bras are a necessity; they are not an option.” You need a good foundation. In fact, says Eddy, “Women will spend money on shoes and handbags, but neglect investing in their bras and undergarments. They go to Target and K-Mart and save money, but don’t have the right fit.” Here are some tips for buying a bra:

– remember to replace your bra after a year

– if possible, have someone help you with the fitting. You need someone to measure you, not just for your cup size but also for your ribcage circumference. They also know which bras are made for which body types (I had no idea!).

– try on a bra with your top. This is crucial because you want to see how the bra fits with your clothes (and you want to like the look!).

– invest in a good bra. Don’t just go the fast, cheap route. I know you will feel more confident.

As I left Eddy and my favorite shop I smiled, knowing that I was standing taller with the best posture that I have had in a long time. I wish the same for you.

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