Something old …

A keepsake from my Grandma Eleanor

A keepsake from my Grandma Eleanor

The saying goes: something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue… It’s part of the wedding ritual for bridal dressing. But when it comes to keepsakes something old and something borrowed are just as meaningful. I now have my Grandma Eleanor’s gold watch. My cousin gave it to me when I last saw her and I am forever grateful. I loved my Grandma Eleanor very much. She was absolutely charming and lovable and she would always tell me how much she loved me in her distinctive Hungarian accent. Now, after cleaning her watch and taking out a link so that it fits securely around my wrist I feel that love again as if she is wrapping her arms around me with a tight hug and squeeze.

Keepsakes carry their value in our memories of the ones we loved. This watch is a Longines, a Swiss brand with a celebrated history in watchmaking, but its worth is in what it represents to me – not in its resale value. What I will treasure is the daily wrist hug from my Grandma Eleanor.

Do you have any keepsakes from a loved one? I welcome your comments.

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  1. What a lovely and loving story! I DO have a special bracelet which was given to me by my Aunt Susie when my first child was born. It was given to her by her special Aunt Grace when she had her first child. I love the bracelet and I love how it is being passed down to first time mothers in our family! I will keep the tradition alive when one of my sweet nieces has a child…which will be in a very long time, as the oldest one is just 12!

    • Thank you Kylie for sharing your story about your special bracelet tradition. I love how your Aunt Susie passed it to you, as her Aunt Grace had done for her, and that you are patiently waiting to pass it to your niece. This is so meaningful for your family and it’s filled with hope and continuity for future generations. I love it! xx Mel

  2. I have a emerald cut Aquamarine that was given to me by my Grandmother. It is my birthstone and she told me it was meant for me since I was born. It belonged to her sister that I was named after. I adore this ring and will pass it along to someone special someday! For now, I wear it proudly!

    • This is a beautiful story Mary Ann. So much love from your Grandmother. I’m sure you must love this amazing ring, for everything it means to you and your family. Let it sparkle and shine and wear it often! xx Mel

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