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It would seem as though throughout these dark and dreary months of winter, lazy college kids would simply roll out of bed, throw on the biggest sweatshirt they could find and huddle to class before they feel the chill of cold air tingling up their spines. This, however, is not the case.

At my school, at least, no matter how early I wake for my first class (9 am to be exact), kids are always dressed up. It seems that the cold weather actually defines people’s true sense of style. Are they layering fashionable pieces? Are they wearing baggy, warm clothes bearing college logos? Are they clothed in simple pieces that are topped off with a heavy overcoat? The flowy and delicate skirts and dresses of summer can’t be the staple pieces of every girl’s wardrobe in the winter; dressing well in colder months requires a person to be much more creative.

So, what are people wearing now? One trend I am noticing this winter is intricately-patterned stockings. It seems that almost every girl owns them and pairs them with a cute, deep colored skirt and warm top. I like these stockings and find them useful for jazzing up a boring outfit, but the outfit need not be boring either. Patterned-leggings is another trend I’m noticing on campus.Typically worn with a plain and loose-fitted white, black, or colored tee, not only is this look comfortable, but the combination of a simple t-shirt and patterned leggings is an adorable ensemble that just about any girl can pull off. Try these Urban Outfitters’ Paisley Leggings.

Simple fashion pieces like stockings and leggings are among the easiest ways to keep fashion alive during the long weeks of winter. The cold air doesn’t have to mean the death of great style!”


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