Chaz Dean

Chaz Dean: photo credit - Richard Guaty

Chaz Dean: photo credit – Richard Guaty

I, like many of us, am very sensitive about my hair. If I am having a bad hair day it is hard for me to think of anything else. And so a few years ago when I discovered WEN cleansing conditioner for my hair created by Chaz Dean, I started to view my hair in a whole new light. My hair began to feel softer and as my hair became bouncier, I felt lighter and better about myself. It’s as if I turned back the clock and gave myself the gift of younger-looking hair. I know I’m not alone. Many people are waking up to the joy of WEN hair care. Chaz has a vision to help more people feel like me by creating chemical-free, healthy products for our hair. Here is Chaz …

MKG: What has been the driving force behind creating WEN?

CD: I believe everyone has the ability to have beautiful, healthy, shiny hair and with WEN everyone can attain their best hair. Giving everyone the hair they have always dreamed of is one of the reasons I created WEN and continue to do so.

MKG: Why is our hair so important to us?

CD: Hair and skin are really important to how a person feels about him/herself. It is how others see you and how you present yourself to others. Having beautiful, healthy hair and skin is a confidence booster and helps build positive self esteem.

MKG: What happens when someone uses WEN for the first time?

CD: The first thing that most people notice the first time they use WEN is how soft and shiny their hair is. With continuous use they say their hair has never been more manageable, healthy, soft and shiny. It just gets better and better.

MKG: What is your vision for the future of WEN?

CD: My vision for WEN is to keep educating, motivating, and empowering people by enhancing their natural beauty.

MKG: What is something about you that most of us wouldn’t know?

CD: Most people know I travel a lot; what they don’t know is that I bring my own blanket and “My Pillow.” ~ Chaz Dean

Chaz Dean is dedicated to helping each of us feel and look our best. I think I’m lucky we met

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4 thoughts on “Chaz Dean

  1. Bless you Mr Chaz Dean for Wen. It makes my hair it’s best every day without a lot of fuss. My hair has never been healthier ,stronger,and just plain wonderful! This is all because of you and I THANK YOU every day!

  2. I love your incredible Wen products! I watched you (you look GREAT by the way) on the Q this weekend. I was trying to “take notes” while you were doing the actual styling and I believe I had gotten it all, however, if any of your websites give step by step instructions, please let me know 🙂 Of course I ordered the great 6 piece set, glossing serum, and the finishing cream. I’m still working on my Wen Perfection Regimen… .. BUT, I will certainly never use anything else!
    Looking forward to seeing you the first of June on the Q! You’re the BEST Chaz!

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