Fashions of the Times


I have been under the weather and homebound these last few days. One of the ways I am cheering myself up (as my brother used to say!) is to turn on Turner Classic and watch old movies. Alfred Hitchcock’s 1934 thriller, The Man Who Knew Too Much, was particularly riveting. The story involves a British couple who become inadvertently involved in a political assassination plot and learn that their daughter has been kidnapped to keep them quiet. In typical Hitchcock style, it’s a thriller where the authorities cannot be trusted and the husband and wife are left to figure things out on their own and unsupported.

I loved the suspense, but I of course, was mesmerized by the fashions of the times. The year was 1934: women’s hairstyles were pin-curled and framed to the face with a softness, and eyebrows were pencil-thin. I noticed the soft, satin gowns and dresses, accentuated with flowers, probably gardenias. And lots of fur. Reading up a bit about the style of the 30s, it was probably a reaction to the more boyish, flapper styles of the 1920s. The men in the film wore fine suits that were well-tailored, with topper coats, mostly trench, to carry out their espionage. I wouldn’t recommend getting sick to catch an old movie, but if you happen to find yourself with free time sit back and watch the fashions of the times come to life.

Photos from 1934 Film The Man Who Knew Too Much


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