Back to School in my Fair Isle Sweater!

IMG_5829IMG_5836IMG_5837I have a history with the Fair Isle sweater: it involves a short-lived obsession my freshman year in college and my beautiful and devoted mother – you may remember that I shared it with you in a podcast with my mom on TFIO. At that time, I had at least four Fair Isle sweaters in my possession (thanks to my mom), only to lose them by the end of that freshman year. I have no recollection where they went but the memory of them has lingered, almost as if I was waiting, anticipating owning another one sometime in my life. Here it is, 30 years later – what?! – and I have finally found a Fair Isle sweater again! It is Italian-designer Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini, and more sophisticated than my college sweaters – but a Fair Isle sweater just the same. I went back to school on this snowy day, to recapture that moment so many years ago and to finally give this fashion story a happy ending!

Sweater, Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini; pin, Joan Rivers for QVC, skirt, Altuzarra for Target, boots, Dior

Photos by Kendra OlsonIMG_5845

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2 thoughts on “Back to School in my Fair Isle Sweater!

  1. Ok. Here’s my story with fair isle swesters. I remember it fondly. I went to see the movie “Ordinary People” my freshman year in college and Elizabeth McGovern (love interest to Timothy Hutton’s character) sported the sweater. She looked beautiful in it. I immediately went out and bought one. I think it was green. Held on to it longer than I should have, but eventually said good-bye to it. Brings back fond memories!

    • Wow, the minute you mention this I remember her, Elizabeth McGovern, in that role and in that movie. Of course! She did look so beautiful in her Fair Isle sweater! I love your story, Lo, and I thank you for sharing it. Clothing and memories. Clothing and emotions. Clothing and love. Clothing and life. I love it! xx Mel

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