Meeting Isabella Rose Taylor!

Isabella with the fashion campers

Isabella with the fashion campers

Can you imagine being a teenager with an interest in fashion, lucky enough to meet someone your own age who is a bonafide artist and fashion designer? That’s what is happening this week in New York, at Fashion Camp NYC, with guest speaker, 13-year old Isabella Rose Taylor. And can you also imagine being me, creator of this blog, meeting Isabella and her mom, Sherri, while they are here in NY? It was beyond special!

We spoke about her message to the girls at the fashion camp and the issues facing young designers of Isabella’s generation. According to Isabella, “It’s important to know the basics of design, including pattern-making, but at the same time, understand that everything will be streamlined very soon. You must know the technology of fashion.” And Isabella also told the girls (many of whom were from Taiwan), to “dream big” and to “share your story, because that is what makes you different from everyone else.”

There is another big event in Isabella’s life: the collaborative launch of her collection with Nordstrom, just a month away, on August 25th. I asked both Isabella and Sherri if they can believe what is happening and if they have the need to pinch themselves. To that, Isabella replied, “I won’t really believe it until I see it!”

To Isabella and Sherri, everything is about being positive and putting yourself in the right mindset. As Isabella says, you need to “ask the Universe and you will receive.” I so agree. When I first featured Isabella’s story in May, I focused on the fact that she is only 13 years-old. After meeting her today, I can’t really put an age to Isabella; she is just so wise and courageous. It’s hard to believe that all of that wisdom and inspiration lives in such a petite frame. I can’t wait to see how her story unfolds …

Isabella and me

Isabella and me

Me, with Isabella and Sherri

Me, with Isabella and Sherri, her mother, who is a very important influence on Isabella

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