Borris Powell’s Next Big Adventure

Borris Powell embarks on his new journey in Amazon Prime's Prana Warriors

Borris Powell embarks on his new journey in Amazon Prime’s Prana Warriors

Fashion designer Borris Powell is special – one of a kind. When I first interviewed him I was struck by his story; growing up in the projects of Alabama and taking a leap of faith to follow his dreams to be a fashion designer by relocating to Chicago. He left everything he knew to build his own fashion brand. His life is the ultimate testament to perseverance and optimism. And this Sunday, Borris is taking another leap of faith as he undergoes a new adventure – this times it’s a reality show on Amazon Prime called Prana Warriors. Borris will be traveling to Mexico, as part of a cast of four people – four survivors who have overcome extreme obstacles in their own lives – to inspire and serve orphans and make a difference in theirs.  Says Borris: “I signed up to do the show for a couple of reasons: one, it’s a positive show about giving back and paying-it-forward. This matters very much to me. Years ago, when I was first trying to get into the industry, someone I had trusted hurt me very much. In that moment I knew that I would never be the kind of person to say no to anyone in need. I have a chance to help others. The other, is to see if I can follow the practice of yoga, mindfulness, and meditation that will be the cornerstone of the show.”

A special fashion note: during the filming Borris will be wearing shorts designed by fellow fashion designer, good friend, and Project Runway contestant, Peach Carr (from her new line, ‘The Lobster Collection’).

Borris will alert me when the show airs. For now, I will wish him well as he travels to Mexico to begin the adventure. And once again feel inspired by his positive attitude and ability to take risks to make things better for himself and the world around him.

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4 thoughts on “Borris Powell’s Next Big Adventure

  1. Congratulations “”You are such an inspiration “”Piedmont Al.was such a small town but it is amazing how a lot of kids have done well.I am very proud of you.

    • Thank you, Darlene, for your comments. I have had the honor (twice) of interviewing Borris about his story and each time I walked away a better person. You are right; he is such an inspiration and a reminder that we are not our circumstance. It is what is inside that propels us forward. xx Mel

  2. So proud of Borris! Good luck on this adventure! I grew up with Borris in Piedmont, AL. He followed in my footsteps as drum major of our high school band. During our years of band together he always had a smile on his face and was the band “clown” you could say. He cheered everyone up. I know he will be such an inspiration to these orphans in Mexico. There will never be a dull moment. It amazes me how he kept a smile on his face through the adversity. He was never able to be a true part of the LGBT community, like so many other classmates, who are now able to share their stories and their accomplishments living their true lives out of small town Alabama. I would like to say I am proud of all of them.

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