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Alina Villasante, owner and visionary of Peace Love World

Alina Villasante, founder and visionary of Peace Love World

Alina Villasante is the founder and visionary of Peace Love World, a retail brand that is taking Florida and the world by storm. Alina believes that she is here to tell a story, a story of peace and love and good will. That is why every PLW item is infused with positivity. But it’s more than an image on a shirt. Alina says, “Peace Love World is about experiencing fashion in a soulful way – mind, body, spirit.” I asked Alina how she came to tell this amazing story …

MKG: Alina, you moved around as a child – born in Cuba and raised in The United States. How old were you when you and your family moved to the US? How did growing up in the various environments affect you?

Alina: I moved from Cuba to New York when I was 8 months old and after twelve years my family moved to Atlanta. Growing up in New York and Atlanta made me realize that everyone is looking for the same thing no matter where you come from. I learned how to love and appreciate all types of people, personalities and ethnicities.

MKG: How old were you when you moved to Miami and how is Miami different from the other places you have lived?

Alina: I moved to Miami when I was 18. Since moving to Miami I feel that I am more culturally connected. The energy in Miami is different from any other city because of the Latin people.

MKG: You were the only girl in a family of four boys. Are you influenced by the women as well as the men in your life? Were you always interested in fashion?

Alina: Absolutely! I believe that behind every great woman there is a rock. I have always had a strong passion for fashion. I believe that I was born with it in my blood. I loved to host fashion shows at my home and frequently doled out style and advice to colleagues and friends.

MKG: Bring me to the moment when Peace Love World was envisioned.

Alina: It all started in 1999 when I wanted to celebrate and honor all the special women in my life with what became known as the “Love Party.” I made shirts that had three symbols of peace, love and happiness for all of my closest friends. My friends were in love with the tees that I created and they continued to ask me for more shirts. I began to see a demand which inspired me to take my love of fashion to the next level. In 2007, I combined my commitment to spreading positivity and my passion for design and fabrics to officially launch Peace Love World.

MKG: What is your core mission/message with PLW? How important is it to you to spread the word of love on your clothing?

Alina: Our mission is to spread peace, love and happiness wherever and whenever we can. It is important to me to spread love because when people connect to a simple word like love or peace they become what they wear.

MKG: What are your dreams for the brand? For the world?

Alina: My dream for Peace Love World is to have it touch every person in every country. I want to spread the positive message behind our brand. For the world, I want what everyone wants; for everyone to feel peace in their soul and love in their heart.


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