Rivka says, “I see every woman as a star!”

Rivka with her husband, Sam

Rivka with her husband, Sam

What I do is not about clothes.” ~ Rivka

Rivka Grubb has been blessed with really good eyes; eyes that see things that help women feel and be their best selves. Not simply a fashion stylist or a fashion consultant, Rivka is more like the vehicle that strips away the black coal, to reveal the “diamond” that is the woman underneath. Rivka told me that it all began when she was a young child growing up in Israel with a doll make-over! Here is Rivka

I was born in Israel and grew up there, until I moved to The United States when I was 13. My father was a furrier; my mother was a Paris-trained dress-maker and designer. They both worked from home. My father worked with fur pelts and my mother worked with people who had the money for custom dresses; she designed dresses for these women. From the time I could crawl around the floor, I was surrounded by pieces of fur, silk, brocade, ribbons, and buttons. As a young child, I had a doll. Not a fancy Barbie Doll, but a plain, Ruth Doll. With Ruth, I began to play with the fabrics in my house: I gave her a fur stole, a new dress, and accessories. My mother says that when I was four years old, and I brought her the new version of Ruth, I looked at her and asked, ‘Doesn’t this look better?’ And I have been doing this ever since! I guess you could say that it is in my DNA. It’s in me. I have both the knowledge and the God-given talent to see things and know how to translate them for others …

What women need to know is that they are attractive just as they are. They have more inner beauty than they realize and it is possible to go from good to better, to shine through beyond. When I work with a woman for the first time, I ask her to look in the mirror and start with what she likes about herself. Women are so disapproving of themselves and it is essential to identify with the good things, first. Only then, can she accomplish a higher level of confidence …

As we age, we are even more critical. At 65, I am my own best measuring stick, and sometimes I have a difficult time, too. I understand. It is easy to get hung up on what isn’t working, what isn’t the same, rather than what does work and what is new and positive. And, if you have the right tools, you can keep growing into your better self. I must say I am having a lot of fun; I really enjoy the way I look …

There are two critical elements to elevating one’s style: the right fit and the right colorNot everyone understands what fit is; this is where my eyes come into play. No matter how much money you spend, if it doesn’t fit, you have wasted your money. It all starts with a good bra. Change your bra, and change your life! Every woman should be measured properly by a professional. This is crucial. I recommend Nordstrom for professional fitters. They will bring you bras in several styles and colors, and you will walk away with a new look …

Wearing the right colors is essential. Once you have had your colors done and your wardrobe is entirely in your color palette, everything you own goes with everything else. When I dress a woman in the right color palette for her, I see her come to life right before my eyes! I am a warm color palette. I wear fall colors best: green, rust, yellow, gold, ivory. My hair is white and my eyes are green, and that makes a difference. In the 70s a woman named Carol Jackson wrote a book called, ‘Color me Beautiful,’ which gave women four seasonal choices for wardrobe colors. It became very popular. I find this approach much too limiting. We are all more unique than that. One’s color palette should be more personalized than fitting into only four categories …

I live in Lafayette, California, so if you choose to meet with me, it’s a commitment, both financially and emotionally. To get the complete Rivka Experience, here is what happens: it begins with my client filling out a form. I ask her a list of adjectives describing the way she wants to look. I ask what she wants to communicate with her clothes, and I ask, ‘what are you communicating with your clothes now?’ I request information about hair color and eye color, dress size, etc. I ask for her goals pertaining to many areas of her life. And then we meet at the store of my choice and we begin. I spend 3-4 hours with my client in the dressing room, as she tries on the entire wardrobe I have pre-selected, including clothes, shoes, accessories and jewelry in her color palette. That is where the transformation happens. I don’t fix people; I simply help them reveal the diamond that is underneath …

What brings me the most satisfaction with a client is witnessing her start to fall in love with herself. It’s not about others’ approval; it’s about self-approval. A woman only needs to see herself in this new light once, and there is no going back. Once she sees the result she will never forget. And … the best part, is she gets to take the clothes home and dress like that every minute of every day!!  I see every woman as a star!” ~ Rivka Grubb

*If you are interested in having the Rivka Experience, a Rivka closet consult, or a Rivka color consultation write to rivka_cj@icloud.com. You can also watch two informative video interviews with Rivka on Saturdays with Cindy (Part One: The Rivka Experience, and Part Two: The Emotional Side of Dressing) and learn about her generous offer: $100 off your own personal Rivka color consultation – a $250 value discounted to $150 from now until the end of the year! Rivka will choose your personal color palette – long distance (you provide your photograph). You will then receive your ‘Forever Ring of Colors,’ a beautiful selection of color cards on a ring you can take every time you shop.

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6 thoughts on “Rivka says, “I see every woman as a star!”

  1. I made the investment in myself to have a Rivka experience. Rivka provided me with lots of information about choosing the right styles and colors of clothing for me, the experience was lots of fun. I feel better about myself moving in the world as I know I am dressed appropriately for all occasions. This has boosted my confidence and removed the inner question “Am I dressed correctly for this occasion.” That question always left me reserved when relating with others both at work and in social occasions. I am much more outgoing and it has made socializing and shopping a lot more fun. One new item can turn into 5 outfits since it fits right in with my wardrobe color scheme. This is an investment in you and you are worth it.

    • Thank you, Mary, for sharing your experience with Rivka. What I take from your story, is that Rivka showed you how to let the true you shine! The fact that you are more outgoing and comfortable in social situations now, means that you have released the inner you, the woman who was always there. That is the power of clothing and self expression. Brava, Rivka, for bringing out “the diamond” in you, Mary, and in all of us. xx Mel

  2. I love all your articles… I admire how often you can come up with new and exciting
    articles…love to you Rivka
    please call me; lots of good to talk about :)))) 925 457 4975 :)))))

    • Rivka, thank you so much! I am touched by your comments and support – they mean so much. I will give you a call very soon! xx Mel

  3. I am new to BOOM, and have been watching old videos with you, Rivka. So enlightening! Do you have a way to get in contact with you about the Rivka experience? I live in Northern California about an hour from Lafayette.

    • Hi Sherry, Thank you for your comments. I am so glad you found BOOM! with Cindy Joseph. Her story and the BOOM products are amazing. Interviewing Rivka and participating in her experience opened up the way I see myself and the clothes I choose to wear. You can reach her at her email: rivkagrubb@juno.com. xx Mel

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