LONDON: “Give me a snapback and a ripped pair of jeans, and I am happy.”

London McKenzie, wearing his snakpack

London McKenzie, wearing a favorite look: the snapback – Photo by Becceropolis

Meet London Mckenzie, a 22 year-old British fashion blogger, with a strong voice and passion. I spoke with London, who told me about recently graduating with a degree in journalism, and why London’s own dream is to live in London someday …

LondonI graduated from University last year after completing my 3-year degree, and I loved every minute of it. From a young age, I had a passion for writing, so studying journalism seemed like the next logical step. I originally intended to pursue a career in celebrity journalism but I soon realized that I wanted to create my own original content. I currently live in my home town of Sheffield, but living in London is my ultimate dream. I visit as often as I can but wish I could be there more.
MKG: What prompted you to start your own fashion blog? What did you feel was missing in the blogging community?
London: I actually started blogging in 2011 on Buzznet. I used it as a place to post photos of me and my friends, and to write about our adventures. That first year taught me a lot about the blogosphere and really helped me to find my voice. A year later, I was browsing the Internet for a male fashion blog and I could barely find one. The blogs I did find focused on clothes that were beyond the average person’s price range. I decided then and there that I would create a blog about clothing that was affordable and just as stylish as the high-end designs. I had found my niche in the market, and started my blog under the name London Mckenzie. I have been blogging ever since.
MKG: What is your favorite way to dress?
London: I love the ‘street look’ and outfits that are edgy and well put-together. Give me a snapback and a ripped pair of jeans, and I am happy.
MKG: Okay, what is a snapback??
London: Snapbacks are hats similar to baseball caps.
MKG: What is the style in London for young men?
London: Most men in London are very stylish. I would describe their look as ‘everyday-dapper’ – lots of blazers and brogues.
MKG: And what are brogues?
London: Brogues are a style of shoe that are really popular over here.
MKG: Do you feel there is a connection between fashion and self-esteem? If so, what is the power of clothing in your life?
London: 100%. People who feel comfortable in what they’re wearing walk a little bit taller. I always tell people to wear what they want to wear and in what they feel comfortable. Wearing clothes that make you look and feel good; that’s what fashion means to me. My clothes are an extension of my personality and are important to my life. So much so, that I have been able to craft a career from my passion; something that makes me extremely grateful.
MKG: What has writing your blog taught you about yourself?
London: Blogging has taught me to be patient. We all see the top bloggers and YouTubers and want the audiences and the opportunities that they have, but it doesn’t come straight away. Getting millions of views isn’t unachievable, but it does require hard work and perseverance. It just depends on how much you want it.
MKG: At 22, you are starting your professional and creative life. What do you see yourself doing in the future?
London: I really hope that I am able to keep blogging. I love it and it doesn’t feel like work, even though it can take hours to produce one post.
MKG: What about your blog – do you imagine you will keep it going and growing?
LondonI hope that my blog will continue to grow so that I can improve as a blogger and continue to connect with even more people across the world.
It’s sure to happen, don’t you think??

A close-up of British brogues

A close-up of the popular brogues – Photo courtesy of


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