Get moving with the right clothes

P1050073P1050071I am not someone who exercises naturally. I love to walk and do as much as I can, but I find it hard to pick myself up and head to a class or to the gym. My routine is simple and sometimes, non existent. So for someone like me, it is important to commit by starting with exercise clothes that make me feel good and will help me take it seriously. Your clothes have that power. When I wear raggedy-old clothes, I am not inspired to exercise and I simply won’t do it. On the other hand, when I feel good in what I am wearing, I stand taller, and feel able to push myself out the door.

And the older I get, the more important it is to move and stretch and add to my routine. I want to stay healthy and this is one way to do that. I recently started a new class and try to be there as often as I can. But I noticed that it wasn’t until I bought this bold outfit from Lululemon, that I started to feel as if I could do it, as if I believed in my own strength. I urge you to do the same; take care of yourself and get the clothes to help. You so deserve it!

Photo credit: Michal, my friend and exercise guru, shot on location at Mondo, Summit NJ

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4 thoughts on “Get moving with the right clothes

  1. You look amazing! Love, love, love your outfit! I recently purchased a really comfortable and “younger” looking attire for running and it makes such a difference. I feel my performance has to match the “look” so I push myself a little more.

  2. Thank you Melissa for reminding me how true this is! You (as well as Michal) have inspired me to suit up and commit to a fitness program this fall!!

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