Consignment treasures

My consignment treasures: a Hazel sundress and Tory Burch gladiator-style sandals with gold detail

My consignment treasures: a Hazel sundress and Tory Burch gladiator-style sandals with gold detail

Change is here – welcome to Turning Fashion Inside Out! New name, new weekly podcast (launching soon). I made the name change because … fashion is not always for those on the inside. Many of us feel left out of the fashion industry if we don’t look a certain way or purchase certain clothes or travel in the fashion circles … what’s inside is expressed by our fashion choices on the outside … and because some feedback from participants have noted that “your blog is really helpful to understand that fashion and confidence go together and always involve change.” What will never change, however, are my guiding principles and who I am. On to consignment treasures …

For my birthday, my mom treated me to some treasures from a new consignment shop in her town. I was reminded once again of the value of consignment shopping. In today’s world of ‘cookie-cutter’ department store fashions where so many stores carry the same look, adding a consignment shop to your shopping repertoire is a must. You can find one-of-a-kind things that simply aren’t available anywhere else and if you happen to love labels this is the most cost-effective way to buy a specific brand. You can get luxury goods at a fraction of their original cost. In the past I have purchased beautiful handbags that I could never have afforded otherwise, including a classic black Prada, shoes, and several high-end designer brand named items, including Dolce & Gabbana, Valentino (seen here), Carolina Herrera, Marc Jacobs, and Theory. Here are some guidelines to remember when consignment shopping:

– go to a reputable consignment shop that is particular about the quality items it consigns

– shop without a specific idea in mind; it’s better to ‘go see’ what’s available. You may be disappointed if you are looking for a specific item – department stores are better for that

– find out when they are having a sale: you can get steals if you hit a consignment shop at sale time with items up to 50% and 75% off

– on the other hand, don’t be taken in by a great price. As always, you should love what you are buying; it can’t just be about the money you are saving

Remember with consignment shopping, one man’s treasure is another man’s treasure! Have fun!


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