My Boots with Magical Powers

My 30 year-old authentic cowboy boots - Photo by Sophie MacMillan

My 30 year-old authentic cowboy boots – Photo by Sophie MacMillan

When Amy called me out of the blue today it took me a awhile to make the connection between our friendship and an old pair of cowboy boots. Almost 30 years ago, my dear friend and college roommate Amy was to marry in her hometown of Waco, Texas, and she asked me to be a bridesmaid. I had never spent time in Texas, and I was so excited to be a part of Amy’s wedding and everything western!  We ate barbecue, we danced the two-step, and we went shopping at an authentic western store where I purchased a pair of Nocona cowboy boots.

These very boots have lived with me for almost-thirty years, watching as life came my way and waiting patiently in the back of my closet – for the day when I would wear them and take them dancing again. A few years ago I had them refurbished and gave them back their shine. They are tighter on my feet now but I can still wear them, and do. But not often enough. Even today I planned to wear my tall black boots but suddenly the cowboy boots caught my eye before I left for work, and I decided to pull them on (which wasn’t easy!). What a day it was – the boots felt happy on my feet after a long hiatus. And on my walk home I suddenly thought of my friend Amy.

Once home the phone rang; I didn’t pick it up because I didn’t recognize the number. When it rang a second time I picked it up. Amy was on the line telling me that she thought of me today and something made her call. I think it was the boots. The boots brought us together again. My boots with magical powers!

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