Oh, to be Well-Dressed on Downton Abbey!

Lady Mary in Season 6

Lady Mary in Season 6 – Photo Getty Images, courtesy of (C) Nick Briggs/Carnival Film & Television Limited 2015 for MASTERPIECE

I’ve really gone to town and found some incredible original pieces that I’m very excited about. Knowing that it’s the final season, I wanted to go out on a high and epitomize that mid-decade point that we’ve reached. The ’20s glamour and decadence, knowing that that way of life is waning.” Anna Mary Scott Robbins, costume designer Downton Abbey

I am in love with costume design and telling stories through clothes. Downton Abbey’s final season has just launched in the U.S., with the 1920s in full swing. The look of the show is extremely important, down to the smallest detail and the clothing is at the heart of the storytelling. In a recent Glamour Magazine interview with costume designer, Anna Mary Scott Robbins, Robbins describes the process of finding vintage pieces and the combination of making things from scratch and adopting originals for the characters, whom she knows so well: “You could troll vintage markets for months and months and months and it might not be exactly like it was in your imagination. That’s another reason you make something: It gives you control over the exact coloring of the silk, the cut, the detailing. I tend to have an open mind when vintage shopping and am constantly looking for things that could be for any of our characters. When I find them, I’ll buy them and stockpile them. I know the characters so well that I can buy things knowing they’ll be good for certain scene moments. Having a rough idea where the characters’ stories are taking them, I try to be prepared.”

Robbins, who joined the show last year for Season 5 has really hit her stride, just in time to see the characters embrace the movement of the 1920s. We all benefit from the perfect character studies and storytelling through fabric.

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2 thoughts on “Oh, to be Well-Dressed on Downton Abbey!

  1. Watching Downton Abbey was truly a look at how people lived in the past. I was particularly interested in the women’s fashions and especially the jewelry that was created for the characters in the production. Now the series has ended, much to the regret of its many fans; this fan would love to see a book that continues the story and a book or two about the costumes and the jewelry. I am very serious and hope this suggestion will be implemented by the parties involved with the series, particularly Julian Fellows. Anna Mary Scott Robbins and the costume staff. Sincerely, Linda Stepp, Virginia, US

    • Thank you Linda, for your thoughtful comments and for reading TFIO. I am grateful! Few shows have affected as many people as Downton Abbey. I agree with you about the jewelry; well said! xx Mel

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