Why I Love That One-of-a-Kind Look of Vintage

Optimized-P1050876When I found this dress, I knew I had found a treasure. Unlike anything I have seen this season; the subtle nuances, the draping, and the special touches in this Eva Franco dress remind me why I love shopping in consignment stores and vintage shops … for that one-of-a-kind look that you simply can’t find anywhere else! These days, when clothing starts to look like the same thing I see over and over,  I find myself wanting something all my own. I turn to consignment and vintage shopping to give me that unique edge that enables me to express my personal style. And I feel even better, knowing that I am also helping to preserve the planet.

Dress, Eva Franco; Shoes, Talbots. Photos by Abrina Hyatt



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6 thoughts on “Why I Love That One-of-a-Kind Look of Vintage

  1. Gorgeous dress and very flattering. I’ve shopped vintage,thrift and consignment for 30 years now- and taught my daughter the instructions and outs too. It’s the thrill of the hunt and the excitement when you find a treasure that tickle my fancy. Standing out in the crowd has always been more exile rating then being 1 of many….

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