The best gifts are the ones made by hand

Optimized-IMGP0256No question that the best gifts are the ones made by hand. My friend Alexandra made me a knit scarf for the holidays. She was very sneaky about it; asking me first, what colors I like to wear around my face. My answer, by the way, is red – always – bright, cherry red! And I have been wearing it ever since. Especially wonderful, since I and most of the country got blasted this week by a wave of arctic air. What did they call it? A Polar Vortex? OMG! A homemade knit scarf, sweater, hat or gloves are always the warmest. My homemade scarf kept the sub-zero temps away from my face and looked oh-so-chic at the same time.

Photos and scarf by Alexandra

My cherry-red handmade scarf

My cherry-red handmade scarf



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