Acne ‘Fine Trash’ Distressed Denim Skirt

Straight-leg. Boot cut. Skinny. Trouser. Jeggings. And now another name to pair with jeans: Acne. This Acne, however, is not those pesky red bumps on the skin, but a hip and trendy brand for jeans and other casual chic wear. The trend is very distressed, literally torn jeans and jean jackets. Even better, is the stylish torn jean skirt with exposed zipper. Love it! Imagine my surprise when I found the skirt on-line, only to discover that it was mostly sold out (and the jeans were no longer available).

As spring kicks in and we move to warmer weather, jeans and a tee is a solid go-to choice. I live in my jeans and wrote about the necessity of a good-fitting jean just last spring (see Styling with Mel, Let’s Talk Jeans, March 2011). I think the most important thing to remember about wearing jeans is this: they are meant to fit snug.

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