Embracing My Color Palette

My Forever Ring of Colors!

My Forever Ring of Colors! Photo by Lauren Hagerstrom

There is a quote from fashion icon Coco Chanel: “Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman.” I think the same could be said about dressing with color: wear the wrong color and you notice the color; wear the right color and you notice the woman … Let’s talk color palette.

I thought I knew my best colors – the ones that bring out the best me. I know, for instance, that the moment I put on a cherry red, I feel happy. I see my eyes pop and my skin shine. I know that I have always loved wearing pink and have a long history with pink (my mother tells me I have been a fan of pink since I was three years old). And I know that I wear a lot of black and white and have come to love wearing brown – but I can’t tell you why. Because I realize that I don’t know it all. I still make mistakes with color – and more often than I would like to admit. And because I want to understand my colors and make good choices and fewer mistakes, I took matters into my own hands and had a color consultation with experts.

A few months ago I interviewed a wonderful fashion consultant, Rivka. Rivka and her partner, Cindy, said that, “Wearing the right colors is essential. Once you have had your colors done and your wardrobe is entirely in your color palette, everything you own goes with everything else. When we dress a woman in the right color palette for her, we see her come to life right before our eyes!” Rivka and Cindy live in Lafayette, California, and getting  a personal consultation with them is quite a commitment. However, they created a personal color consultation you can access long distance. After sending them a few photos of myself without makeup, they created a Forever Ring of Colors (FROC) for me; a selection of my best colors that I can take with me whenever I shop for my wardrobe. When the FROC arrived, I took a close look: I saw the bright red I have always loved, I saw shades of pink and white, black, and grey. But I also saw colors I rarely wear: purple and eggplant and deep browns. What I did not see surprised me as well: no yellow, no orange, and no green. I remembered that the times I bought clothes in these colors were mistakes and I ended up not wearing any of them. It was a lesson in humility and acceptance. And who knew I could wear purple? My FROC has changed the way I see myself and the clothes I wear – I have embraced my color palette!

Do you want your own Forever Ring of Colors? Simply email Rivka and Cindy at this link. Rivka and Cindy will send you a set of instructions on how to take the best photos possible so they can hand select your personal color ring. Your FROC ($250) will be a beautiful selection of color cards (for clothing and for jewelry) that arrives in a satchel that fits conveniently into your handbag. You will have your FROC whenever you shop for your wardrobe and accessories. Your FROC can help you save time and money; you need never purchase clothing and accessories that end up unworn and in the back of your closet again!

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10 thoughts on “Embracing My Color Palette

  1. I gravitate to earth tones. I think they look the best on me. My absolute worst color is yellow! I look sick when I wear yellow. I think because there must be yellow tones in my skin? I also don’t look good in pastels.

    My husband, trying to stretch my color pallet at the insistence of a young cute sales girl, bought me a sky blue coat. I never wore it and gave it away with joy to my sister who looks amazing in the color!

    It would be interesting to see what the experts say…but I know what I feel best in and I think I know what looks best on me?

    • Thank you Kylie, for your comments! I think you are way ahead of the color game; you already have a good sense of yourself and a confidence in your colors. I thought I did, too, but I was surprised to know that there are colors I must stay away from (hello, yellow!) and others that are surprisingly good on me. I learned a lot in the process. xx Mel

  2. I purchased my color ring in November 2014 and I love it . It is amazing what the right colors can do for a person .I think it is also very important for those of us full figure girls to get our colors too . As a size 14-16 woman , years ago I always felt I had to hide in black , dark brown and other dark colors whether they looked good or not . Now when I have my colors on I feel confident and pulled together

    • Hi, Mary Ann! Thank you for your comments and your honesty. I am pleased for any of us who have the opportunity to learn how color can bring out the best in us. I agree with you, too; no matter our size, we all deserve to feel our best and not hide in our clothing. I am happy you are feeling confident! Well done! xx Mel

  3. I would like to think that being in my 60’s -having modeled all thru high school, college —-and on, that at this point I would know what colors work and those that do not. $250.00 is a steep price to pay for what should be known to you now- with many failures in hand. Not saying it is not worth it, but definitely have to ponder this one.

    • Hi! Thank you for your comments. I truly appreciate your point of view. As you ponder, allow me to share my story: I have always loved putting things together and trusted that I knew the colors that looked best on me. After reviewing my FROC with Rivka, I realized that, although I was spot-on about many colors (cherry red is definitely my color!), I was consistently choosing one or two colors that were wrong for me and I had no idea (yellow and orange are bad choices for me). I continued to try yellow because I love yellow and the happiness it symbolizes, but for me it is a no-no. When I wear yellow, all people see is the yellow – not me. On the other hand, purple is a good color for me and I never would have thought of purple. I was stunned to learn that I wasn’t taking advantage of all of the colors in my spectrum. Of course it is always your decision. But we may not always know our full color spectrum and as a result, may be missing out on looking … and feeling … our best. xx Mel

      • I hear you. That price is out of my reach as well! I’m very fortunate in that my Life Partner Todd, is my very own personal shopper. He helps me so much, that frankly I won’t consider buying clothes without him. The salesgirls are always amazed and more than a bit envious. They stand there practically speechless while Todd brings me one item after another to the dressing room. I put on each one and model them for everyone. 99% of them work beautifully, but there’s one or two that just don’t look as grand as the rest.
        Item’s I would NEVER have looked at, colors never considered, he’s got an eye like no one else. I am one lucky lady. Should I even mention that besides all that, he is SUPER Smart, super loving and we’ve been together 18 years ++ I’m 63 and he’s 47*!* Yes, I’m lucky, thank goodness, he thinks he’s the lucky one*!* Love, what more does a woman need. Please forgive, I wanted to say that on a limited income, $250.00 is beyond my budget as well.

        • Thank you Rebecca for your comments. I always appreciate feedback and thoughts. I agree – you are a lucky woman! If your life partner is helping you with color and selection that is wonderful. We all could use someone to help guide us through the maze and find our best selves in our clothing. If we are wearing the right colors, we notice the woman; the wrong color, we notice the color. All the best and thank you again. xx Mel

  4. Hello! Many years ago I had my colors done and found I looked best in colors with warm undertones — particularly autumn colors — and happily built my wardrobe around those tones. Now after my hair has turned grey/silver, I’m not sure these wardrobe colors (and makeup colors) are my best choice? My skin (fair, yellow toned) and eye color (brown) are of course the same but can my hair color change from warm browns to greys/silver be changing my recommended colors for wardrobe and makeup?

    • Hi Deb. Yes, hair color changes can affect wardrobe and accessory colors as well. Best to see a color consultant now to update your wardrobe color palette. I have a wonderful recommendation if you like. Thank you for your comments. xx Mel

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