Moving days, Milestones, and Motherhood

P1050020I am moving my son to college tomorrow. The day has finally come; after the college tours, the high school graduation, and the too-short summer, we are packing up and getting ready to go. To move, I will be wearing these jeans and t-shirt, which is always my go-to outfit, not just for the comfort but for the style. And I will remember this day and this outfit. The day Eric was born, I wore a bright yellow dress. He was a big baby and I must have looked like a huge bumble bee walking through the hospital corridor! Too funny. That day feels like yesterday.

Although I have the questions running through my head: did I teach him enough, did I prepare him enough, did I do enough? And although I had a fleeting moment when I wondered: How would it be if I moved down there with him? – today is not about loss. Today is about love; the love that a mother feels when she nurtures her baby for eighteen years, and then sends him off to fly on his own. I am moving my son to college tomorrow. And I will remember this day and the outfit I chose to wear. With love.

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12 thoughts on “Moving days, Milestones, and Motherhood

    • Thank you for thinking of us, Stephanie! I know Eric will shine at college and I can’t wait for him. Sending love to you. xx Mel

  1. Such a beautiful, simple, poignant post, Missy! It’s funny the things that stick with us – I find I’m the same way, but with smells. Things don’t end, they only transition. Love ya.

    • Thank you, dear Rachel. And thank you for sharing a part of yourself. You are so right; there is no end – there is only transition. Love you, too! xx Missy

  2. You DID do enough…and much more! I cant believe “our” baby is off to seek his…well, his life! He couldn’t have chosen a better mother then you, Lissa! I cant wait to see the heights he soars. You gave him the #1 ingredient for success: LOVE! Seems so obvious but many venture on never having that strong base from which to spring.

    Such an exciting time for him, for you…for us all!

    • Baby Eric and I remember our first days together, with you at our side. Thank you for your love and support and ever-kind words. I am more grateful than you know. It is an exciting time for him, for all of our children, and for us mothers. Love you. xx Lissa

  3. Tears are flowing…I know they will be fine. It really does seem like yesterday that they were born. Where did 18 years go????
    See you when you get back. Then it is my turn.

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