College bound and purple polka-dot pajamas

photo-83This is what I was wearing two nights ago, at 10:15, when my son Eric started screaming: my purple polka-dot pajamas. I remember the moment perfectly: my younger son, Cam, had just gone to bed, as had Eric. It had been a long day in a series of long days, watching Eric pace and panic (as every high school senior does) as he waited to hear from all of his colleges. After hearing him scream, I ran to Eric and then I saw it: the biggest smile I had seen in months. He had news that he had been accepted to his favorite school, marking the last of the schools on his list. He was thrilled. We hugged and cried. It was over. Now we knew.

I will remember this evening and never forget what I was wearing. Ever since reading Ilene Beckerman’s book, Love, Loss, and What I Wore,  which I feature on the blog here, I am reminded of every important moment in my life in terms of the clothes I wore. Think about it: go back to the moments of your life, the good, the bad and the ugly, and you will probably remember what you were wearing. In my life, I don’t always remember the events, but I always remember the clothes. That won’t be the case with my purple polka-dot pajamas. Funny, too, that I am wearing Pantone’s 2014 IT color: Radiant Orchid. Who knew???

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8 thoughts on “College bound and purple polka-dot pajamas

  1. Yahooooooooo…and once again fashion tells the story of our lives 🙂

    Sometimes, I feel like it is a bit of a curse, though! Because there are items which have no bees wax in my closet anymore. Either they have holes, are something that never need be worn again on the streets of any city…or they are just worn out. Yet, I cant get rid of them because I remember WHO gave it to me or WHAT happened when I was wearing it!

    And remember to give yourself a pat on the back that your big boy got into his dream school…its a long road to get to that point. And YOU helped pave that road for him…tirelessly, with grace & STYLE :)!!! You are an amazing mother, which is even more impressive then being a fashionista!

    • Thank you, Kylie, for your comments and for your kindness. You made my day. I agree about being a mother; if you can do that right, that’s what it’s all about. xx Mel

    • Thank you so much, MAB! Great to hear from you! I love how you say it: fashion is always along for the ride! I will remember that. xx Mel

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