Why I Celebrate the New Year with a Closet Cleanse

A few years ago I revamped my closet

A few years ago I revamped my closet

The New Year is a time to regroup and give yourself a break with a clean slate. When I looked at my closet a week ago I knew a clean slate for me would start with a clean closet. What a mess! I could no longer see my wardrobe pieces clearly and that was when I knew: you can’t style what you can’t see. I also knew that I had forgotten what my dear friend Kim taught me just a few years ago – I was holding on to things that were no longer right for me. How had I let this happen in such a short time?

Two years ago I met my beloved and talented friend, style editor, Kim Naci, who had come to my house for a closet audit and frankly, a bit of an emotional ‘what for?” She took a brutal look at my clothes – what I should keep and what I should let go. And her message? Love everything you own, and if you don’t – then remove it – immediately! Because you are worth it and you deserve to wear only the right clothes. Kim’s words about a somewhat threadbare black handbag that I had been clinging to still haunt me when she said: “Melissa, you’re better than that!” We are all better than that. The truth is that we all accumulate too much, hang on too much and wear too much that does’t work and that we just don’t love. Most of the time we don’t even know we are doing it or why. But as we continue this pattern we are not caring for ourselves and we certainly aren’t making room for the clothes and accessories we should be wearing. They simply get lost in the overflow. You can find yourself reaching for the same (wrong) pieces and creating the same outfits over again without hitting your true potential.

A closet cleanse is an organizational and emotional breakthrough. Weeding out the wrong and keeping the right makes you feel better about yourself. And creating a beautiful space for your wardrobe is just as important (even down to using proper hangers and storage organizers). They all create a feeling of self-worth and love – just in time for the New Year.

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