“We Commit Ageism Against Ourselves”

Cindy Joseph

Cindy Joseph

“We allow these messages, these subtle archaic messages, that we lose value as we age to seep into our psyches and what happens is … we commit ageism against ourselves.” ~ Cindy Joseph

I love to hear the positive words from my friend Cindy Joseph, creator and CEO of BOOM! by CindyJoseph and several-times contributor on TFIO. Here, Cindy talks about what it means to be attractive as we age; it’s not about doing everything we can to stop the aging process in a race against time, and it’s not about completely letting ourselves go. There is something in between – an understanding that we have the power to choose what works for us. It’s about honoring this power and making our own choices. And about not judging ourselves anymore.

Watch Cindy and be inspired by her message of self-acceptance and possibilities!



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2 thoughts on ““We Commit Ageism Against Ourselves”

    • Thank you Jeneane, for your support! Cindy Joseph has a powerful message and we all benefit from her inspiring style. It’s my new mantra too! Let’s be kind to ourselves and honor ourselves – at every age. xx Mel

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