Cindy Joseph’s Big Reveal

Cindy_Joseph_Short_Hair-5Cindy_Joseph_Short_Hair-4Cindy Joseph has become my hero, since I first interviewed her on TFIO in 2013. A pioneer, with a mission to help women feel like their best selves and embrace who they are with positivity, acceptance, and joy. Cindy is the CEO and Creator of BOOM! by Cindy Joseph, the first cosmetic line for every generation, that emphasizes a pro-age, rather than an anti-age philosophy. It’s a perfect fit, because Cindy was a makeup artist for 25 years. And to add to Cindy’s story, she became a working model at 49 years old, when she was discovered on the streets of the East Village in New York City. That was the the very day that Cindy cut off the last bit of dye from her silver hair. It was a freeing and monumental moment for her.

What I didn’t know, and perhaps others didn’t realize either, was that there was still another freeing moment to come in Cindy’s life, a moment of profound release. That day came last month, at the end of the summer: Cindy removed all of her hair extensions, and embraced her new, short haircut once and for all. I didn’t know that Cindy wore hair extensions or that she struggled her entire life with the fact that she had fine hair. What came from the hair cut, was a ‘coming out party’ that is taking Cindy to a new celebration of who she is …

“I had been wearing my hair extensions for 14 years. When I first became a model with Ford Models, long hair was the style. A hair stylist with whom I worked, suggested that I might consider getting hair extensions. I am a low-maintenance person, but she told me that wearing hair extensions had become easier and more doable. I began to think that “I can actually have thick, long, hair.” I was excited, and having long hair gave the stylists more variety with which to work …

There was about 5 minutes in my young life, when I had good hair. After that very brief period, my hair remained very fine, and I never felt right about it. My mom’s side of the family had thin, fine, whispy hair. That included my mother and my grandmother, and I got the message early on that thick hair is good, and when your hair is no longer working for you, cover it up. My grandmother wore a wig (something I knew, growing up, that was never to be mentioned); and my mom, when she was in her late 50s, started to wear a postiche, which was a bun with added curls. We live in a society that breeds this relationship with our hair. From that exterior judgment, we start to judge ourselves. Growing up, I, too, tried everything to thicken my hair: permanents, mousse, gel, any product that promoted thicker hair …

As I matured, I developed more self love and appreciation of my true nature. I was not just accepting my age, but celebrating it. Launching Boom created a platform to share my pro-age message; I started suggesting to my customers and fans to consider wearing the signs of their age proudly rather than trying to obliterate them. While speaking to them about celebrating our unique beauty, features, and characteristics at every age, I began to feel uncomfortable with my hair extensions. Hair extensions have to be replaced every 3 months, and I had learned to remove them myself. I would hide in my room, and begin the removal process, alone. I felt too naked, exposed and ashamed to be seen without them. Eventually, my desire to let them go started to burn inside of me like fire …

So, I began my plan to remove the hair extensions and get a stylish short hair cut once I moved into my group community. I knew I would have the support I needed to finally do it. It was July 19 when I took the leap; I dressed up and did some primping with makeup and jewelry. I brought along two girlfriends to help build my confidence and be by my side through the cutting process. I also had my husband drive us all to the salon for even more support. When I saw my hair transform from a random, stringy, ragged, mess, into a sophisticated, well-shaped style, that I did not believe could happen, I broke into tears of joy and relief! I finally did it. I was free! After I left the salon we all went to have a celebratory lunch together and I floated along with these words in the front of my mind. ‘This is the real me. This is who I am. My outside now matches my inside.’  …

All of the fears and the worries are gone. My model agent loves my contemporary look, and tells me that this new hairstyle, ‘could bring a whole new breath of fresh air to your career!’ My husband, who in the 7 years that I have known him, had rarely touched my head and my hair because of the extensions, now loves touching my head. I just drink up his touch like a thirsty dog. And he loves how I look better than ever! As for my mother and my grandmother, I am the trail blazer for us all … …

Today, my morning routine has completely changed. I was so done with that long hair, that was not really mine, and all the work and expense involved maintaining it. Now, I simply shower and go. It’s so easy and such a relief on so many levels. I have joined my friends in the ‘short-hair girl club’ and I love it!” ~ Cindy Joseph



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10 thoughts on “Cindy Joseph’s Big Reveal

  1. WOW! May we all grow older as gracefully & beautifully as Cindy! The fashion industry definitely needs to find a lot more of her and less of the Giselle type, who make us feel so inadequate! Cindy marks a glorious fresh face of reality! And eases the fear of growing older, which God willing, we ALL will have the chance to do…and with the style and beauty which she exudes!
    p.s. LOVE the hair style!

    • Thank you, Kylie. There is is a fear in our culture of growing older, and Cindy reminds us that it’s about growing better. We can all do that, as you said, with our own style and presence. xx Mel

  2. What a great story of finding beauty despite our attachments to what we perceive makes us beautiful. Cindy is gorgeous and she radiates happiness and confidence! Thank you for featuring her!

    • Thank you, Ana, for your lovely comments about Cindy’s story. She is truly an inspiration and someone who lives by her own message. I am proud of her bravery, which helps us all to feel brave and better about being our true selves. xx Mel

  3. Hi Cindy! You are more beautiful now then ever!
    You and I have modeled together I was always impressed by your beauty inside and out!

  4. cindy has been an inspiration to me for years!

    i finally took the plunge. i am 4 months into my grow out into the silver sisterhood @48. i’ve been covering it for 20 yrs. so i get that whole covering up thing. i do not have thin hair but grey/silver/white.. yes.
    i was in my mid 30’s the first time i saw cindy in a ‘j. jill’ catalog and remember thinking… that’s what i look like under the chemicals. the poison. there is real beauty in the natural silver under there… i could see hers!
    for many reasons, a lot to do with pressure from various sources i kept coloring. no more though. no more. since i made the decision i feel so empowered AND free.

    i didn’t know she wore extensions until recently. i love that she’s shed them! just beautiful and makes her seem all the more authentic to me now. heart you cindy!

    • Congratulations, Tracie. And thank you for your comments. Cindy’s message is to embrace who you are; we should all feel empowered to be our true selves. I am grateful to Cindy for her inspiration, her bravery, and her wisdom. xx Mel

  5. My hair is white and changing. I have a great hairdresser in Sandy Springs, Georgia, Connie Collett at the Bob Steele Salon. She has worked with me to make and keep my hair current and authentic. I love her approach and expertise.

    • Thank you Gayle for your comments. I always love to hear from readers on TFIO! Embracing your color is a brave and beautiful thing and you are lucky to be working with someone you know and trust. xx Mel

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