The Journey of Kira’s Prom Dress

Two trips to New York’s Garment District. Two concepts. Two types of fabric. Four hours of assembly and sewing. One incredibly talented artist, visionary, designer, and seamstress … KIRA! One, one of a kind prom dress. One magical Senior Prom.

Here is Kira’s journey in her own words: “Sometimes it’s so easy for me to see a design on the red carpet and I think ‘Oh, that’s exactly what I want!’ so I try to replicate it which is what I tried yo of got my first dress. However, as it came together I realized it just didn’t fit my personality. So I went back and started over using my own designs and ideas and I liked the result so much more. I never expect anything to come out perfect on the first try so I wasn’t surprised that happened. My sewing always takes unexpected twists and turns but in the end, whenever I’m wearing something that’s completely mine, I feel confident and that’s really all I want from this.” ~ Kira Ross Continue reading

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