Prom: Now/Samantha …

Samantha's original dress choices

Samantha’s original dress choices  – black and silver vintage and mint green contemporary

Samantha's second choice/second dress - strapless, deep purple with silver embellishment

Samantha’s second choice/second dress – strapless, deep purple with silver embellishment

Samantha is a junior in high school and she is my friend Karen’s daughter. I have known her for her entire life. In fact, I have known her since she was in her mother’s womb. After speaking with Samantha today I find it hard to believe that she is the same age that her mom and I were when we met. Here is Samantha on prepping for the prom …

I will be going to two proms this year: my boyfriend’s school prom is this Thursday and my school prom is May 17th. Almost from the minute I was invited, I started to feel pressure to find a dress, about two months ago. I began my search at the malls but found nothing and then searched on-line and didn’t find anything there either. Fortunately, I finally discovered two dresses at a local consignment shop, each for under $50! I know some girls who are spending up to $600 for just one dress, so two for $100 is quite a find for me. One is a mint green, contemporary style; the other is a black and silver vintage dress. They both fit well which is important to me. I needed to make a few slight adjustments to the mint green and I took it to a tailor. I have a pair of silver shoes that are a fine back up but I am hoping to find another pair before the proms. Recently, I wasn’t as sure about the black dress (I think because I’m not as comfortable wearing black in the spring). My boyfriend took me to the mall where I found a deep purple strapless dress with silver embellishment. I love it! I used gift cards to purchase the dress, so again, I was lucky …

I did feel pressure to purchase two dresses, partly because of the pictures that we will be taking, but mostly because my friends will be wearing two dresses. If they were wearing one dress for both of their proms I would probably do the same …

I decided to post my dresses to a Facebook page made for my school that exhibits every girls’ dresses. But I didn’t do the same for my boyfriend’s school. I found out that someone else will be wearing my dress at his prom but I’m okay with that because there will be many people. I will be getting a mani-pedi this week as well as having a spray-tan. I had an appointment to do my hair professionally at a salon but I think I will do it myself and save the money …

I think the biggest differences between going to the prom then, when you and my mom went, and today, are: the dresses are more outrageously priced, the preparation for the prom is more intense, and there is much more pressure from your friends to prepare in a certain way …

I am excited to go to the prom. Right now, though, I am thinking more about the preparation than the actual prom. I think that many girls feel the way I do and enjoy the preparation more than anything else.” ~ Samantha

I think that Samantha shows us that pressure from friends continues to be a big deal in high school. And no one should underestimate the power of the image in today’s world.

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to be continued …


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A match made in heaven …


Today, December 1st, marks the first day of a limited partnership between Target and Neiman Marcus. Items for sale are a selection of holiday-inspired gifts. Now I have been down this road with Target before: first, a year ago when the giant retail savings store partnered with Missoni and later, with Jason Wu. Although I did purchase items (I have some wonderful treats from the Missoni-for-Target pairing, including rain boots and shoes, and I also have a gray, lace tee from Jason Wu), both experiences took their toll and left me frustrated and disillusioned. The lines were long, the shoppers pushy, and the shelves for the most part, were empty. On-line shopping was not much more satisfying as items ran out quickly. This time, however, was different. I arrived in-store late morning to find the shelves still well-stocked and most items readily available on-line.

Why do I bother and why might you want to try it, too? Because I may never have the chance to afford some of these beautiful things any other way. I now own a Judith Leiber compact mirror with real, pink crystal stones. Hungarian-American born designer Judith Leiber is the quintessential artist; her luxury handbags are works of art. But they are also supremely expensive: this is my chance to have one of her jeweled pieces of my own! And I also bought a journal set from Carolina Herrera, because now I know her and I feel connected! I will be writing my blog notes in my Carolina Herrera journals. How wonderful is that?

Perhaps the third time is the charm. Perhaps Target is getting it right. I say, give it a try. Give something lovely and treasured to someone or better yet, save the gift for yourself.

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Solve your problem, shop on-line


I found my own pair of red suede shoes shopping on-line at Boden USA.

In the past two days, I have purchased items on-line that I could not find in the stores, once again reminding me: solve my problem, shop on-line. It is true that you can’t find everything on-line and also true, that items may arrive that are not right; neither the size nor the color or fabric. But it is also possible, more often than not, to easily meet your fashion needs by simply making a call or ordering on the computer. Problem solved.

Here is how the last two days went. First, I shopped in-store for a few corduroy slacks for my son, only to be told that they don’t carry his size at the store; I must buy them on-line. Next, I (and every other woman or man on a pre-storm tracking mission) traveled to The Home Depot looking for a cover for our patio furniture to protect it when Hurricane Sandy strikes (and I hope not too hard!), only to be told that the store is all sold out and I must order on-line. These two reminders, coming on the heels (no pun intended) of finding the perfect red suede wedge shoes at Boden (a favorite on-line destination, London-based clothing company).

When life gets a little crazy, make it easier on yourself. Shop efficiently and travel less. Solve your problem, shop on-line.

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I love comments. Feel free to share yours