Shoulders Don’t Seem to Age!

Abrina took this photo of me last year and I am happy to report that the off-the-shoulder trend and all its variations are still in style. The subject of baring shoulders came up with my good friends recently and nothing feels better than a fashion conversation with a friend. We talked about how challenging dressing can be as you age and its affect on your self esteem. Things you once thought nothing about wearing now make you stop and take notice. But as I looked at my friends, beautiful and stunning in their off-the-shoulder tops, I knew they were on to something. As it turns out shoulders don’t seem to age. They are unaffected by the years. We all agreed; rather than focus on what is changing or making us feel insecure, it is so much better to highlight those features that make you feel good.

Blouse, Madewell

Photo by Abrina Hyatt

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My Off-The-Shoulder Blouse is Made Well!

Optimized-P1050926Optimized-P1050931Optimized-P1050935After a long search, I finally found an off-the-shoulder blouse that feels right. It took a lot of sorting and examining, and simply – trying on. Here is what I discovered about wearing this hot summer trend:

– off-the-shoulder blouses and dresses absolutely require that you stand straight and use your best posture

– I prefer this style blouse with a cover flap at the top. I found that the style without the flap was less flattering and simply hung on the body, without much shape

– although I had my mind set on a dress, off-the-shoulder blouses are just as versatile, and perhaps even more so, in that you can wear them with several options

I chose this white eyelet blouse by Madewell for its simplicity and style. I feel good about my choice. You?

Blouse, Madewell; sandals, Tory Burch; denim shorts, Kohl’s – Photo by Abrina Hyatt


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On Again … Off-the-Shoulder

Photo Credit: Harper's Bazaar

Photo Courtesy: Harper’s Bazaar – Daniel Jackson, November 12 Issue

One of the most beautiful parts of a woman’s body is her shoulders. Sadly though, shoulders are often overlooked and we spend too little time exposing them. Some of the softest, most romantic pieces are off-the-shoulder. And they don’t need to be formal dressing only; off-the-shoulder blouses and dresses can be casually-inspired. Structured or flouncy, there are several ways to embrace unique off-the-shoulder looks. I’m buying it – You too?

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