Myriam’s Foulard

Myriam and her foulard, along the Mediterranean

Foulard: the French word for scarf! During my recent trip to Paris and the South of France, I couldn’t help but admire the foulards around the necks of many elegant French women. Their outfits are never complete without them, no matter the time of year or fashion tendency. French women will always make it work. There are day-time styles – light and airy, and night-time styles – more luxurious and silky.

When I reached my destination on the Mediterranean, I found out that the South France had been key in the manufacturing of silk fabrics during the Middle Ages. The first silk factories opened their doors in the region during the 15th Century and became an engine for the local economy of the time. On my long walks around a few Medieval towns which still maintain their old-world charm, I felt the importance of this icon and its place in fashion. It was nearly impossible not to be seduced by its shine and luminosity. I walked into a tiny store filled with silk scarves in all colors imaginable and waited until one of them called my attention. Its soft pink shades were shining and inviting. I tried on many, but I kept coming back to my first choice. The owner, a lovely woman in her fifties, looked at me and said: “I believe the right scarf found you.” It was clear what I had to do.

As with so many things in life, I see now that the love affair between my French scarf and me was pure destiny. Medieval roads lead me to it.  Now I am home and I wear it with pride and let it take me back to beautiful memories of an extraordinary trip, full of discovery, charm, and glamour.

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