Meet CoverGirl’s Newest Cover Girl

Behind the scenes at Maye Musk’s CoverGirl photo shoot Photo: CoverGirl

Maye Musk: model for 50 years, dietician, nutritionist … and CoverGirl’s newest CoverGirl! At 69 years old Musk is the newest CoverGirl ambassador; an addition for the beauty company committed to adding diversity to its brand. And in a life full of achievement how did Musk feel when she found out she would be CoverGirl’s newest cover girl? Her honesty and positivity will inspire you and you will feel even better about CoverGirl  …

“I just love that CoverGirl wants to do diversity. They haven’t had a model this old in their campaigns. I’m turning 70 in April of next year. I think that women will be really inspired to see that even at 69 you can get a beauty campaign.

Aging has been good for me. You develop confidence, you’re able to handle the knocks a little easier. I model for my age. I’m not trying to hide it and say I’m 50. I’m so proud that I’m going be 70.

I don’t dye my hair. It’s so fabulous. I had brown hair for so long. I was always getting my roots done. Sometimes I did it myself because I couldn’t afford to go to a hair salon. When I turned 60, I decided to see what color I am underneath. I started dyeing my hair a very light blond and then I let it grow out. I cut it very short.

And what happened? Suddenly I have all these editorials and bookings, and everybody is loving it.”

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