It’s a Leopard and Leather Day!

plraTwoufeQKTTOHjcpfwWUEeMVFNoxr5VmrgTLN5t0,ztAewArcq4Y4DDviiYSks5l1HltBFp5A6BtJM6iO_wo-1Autumn crush and surging winds are in full swing and I am in the mood to wear my leopard dress with my leather jacket. I usually wear this jacket with jeans and a tee, but it’s fun to shake it up and pair it with a dress, tights, and boots. Why is it that we follow old pattens and have the tendency to put clothes together in the same way? Following fashion and style blogs has helped me to broaden my thinking and experiment with my clothes. I recommend it for expanding your wardrobe and starting to think of yourself as a free spirit. Put the leather on and carry on!

(Leather jacket Diesel first seen here; leopard dress G by Giuliana Rancic first seen here; boots Belle by Sigerson Morrison; tights Wolford; vintage handbag Prada)

Photos by Sophie MacMillanKNpGaT1mGSG2wreyO1__Vy4x6ofi_8oEXLYl26XtqRox5G0Mi1gJNWG2Na0_1Tf8u51nPrB4n6SOosG6pIIiEs,GM5zdGn_0ZAx0pt89E5H51_tArSlqakFoBnjhoqlH_YrWIjGATg5lZH2TDa24DZugbhR6m8Hw6TAsJSl_jadHk,rX1gizf_0Yj_91G_R8uqU7odWsmiy0GrM1lWBqJ1sHk


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