Go From Office to Party In 5 Minutes!

At this hectic time of year, you may find yourself needing to go from office to dressy party without having enough time to change. By adding just a few essentials to your repertoire, you can make the transition quickly and without much fuss. The key is polishing your look: think in terms of refreshing your face, adding standout jewelry pieces, and switching to a dressier shoe and handbag.

I started my work day with a velvet-textured  WhoWhatWear for Target dress and a pair of booties. Later in the day, I went from work to play when I …

  • converted to a dressier shoe
  • added statement tassel earrings
  • switched out my necklace for a choker
  • replaced my handbag with a metallic-inspired clutch
  • prepped my skin with a hydrating treatment mist
  • refreshed my eyeshadow, lipstick, and manicure

That’s it! These additions not only upgraded my daytime look but did even more for my attitude. In an instant, I felt glamorous. Be your best self! Happy Glamour-days!

Dress, WhoWhatWear for Target; belt Altuzarra for Target; shoes, Chloé, clutch Marc Jacobs; Nirvana Hydrating Treatment Mist Josie Maran 

Photos by Abrina Hyatt

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The long skirt gives my Thanksgiving staple a run for its money

6zGh-s2e1x6JX_zofPere6PkfswKWzqSGHetaLkRhOg,M4dDYmsPHKlAoyT47LsirC94jhCBkoKe1bKFiO3jwL8,xhJktamPYtSibMpAjzdjpvYOlmotr_vIEczmwCSeDIgFor as long I can remember, I have worn a comfortable pair of pants for Thanksgiving. Stylish yet warm and cozy, pants have served me well and have been the workhorse of my Thanksgiving wardrobe (not to mention that pants have allowed me to unbutton the top button without anyone noticing!). But this year, the long skirt is giving my Thanksgiving staple a run for its money. With long skirts so popular, there are many options from which to choose. And you can wear them with boots or sandals or flats. I choose boots; when combined with a long skirt everything hits at just the right place.

Are you with me on this?-fkBZt4MWeOBw51a3UsfYqf6-vE-bqHvlqBcD39Ubt8,o-1yo_7X8u_BmHq8wN_DgrD1quohaMzVWZFANXaKQ2A,BwbxUZbiVNqYbOSKhYlNwYwDZQSD5s9WpvkbxsxNh6oRdTXTNoKihyGR9yrenlTzLXLWbLavZxNrisVzZc1QOQ,EOh2sYxKyQjsSaWPQfeNdjFcflcSsMPiHw1iDs7JQfk

(Skirt: J Jill; sweater: Dolce & Gabbana; boots: Sergio Rossi)

Photos by Sophie MacMillan

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For your holiday party, tie it up with a bow and wear what feels comfortable!

My See by Chloe bow dress found at Loehmann's

My See by Chloe bow dress found at Loehmann’s

When it comes to dressing up (or dressing down) it’s crucial that you feel comfortable in what you’re wearing and most like yourself. What do I mean? You always want to feel good when you walk out the door. Even when holiday shopping tempts you, it’s not worth buying something new that doesn’t suit your style perfectly – no matter how shiny or glittery it may be. I would rather wear something I really love again and again, than wear new things that are just, so-so. Continue reading

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