The Magic of High-Low Dressing

Optimized-91XS-koko0V4fyZOrB_LQsq7_bUSRgNPrClltsgv0XMOptimized-d6aLpyp3hwA-0ECbnLt3rb6txrENLHvgDUbqaaB5x7g-2Here is one of my fashion secrets (I have shared it before but it’s worth mentioning again): I love to mix high-low dressing. What do I mean? I will spend more money on certain clothes and bargain-shop for others, and then mix them together in a blended marriage of high-low dressing. And why do I it? For two reasons: because dressing high-low saves me money and because I can express myself more individually and eclectically. This outfit is a perfect example: I paid a higher price for the jeans and the boots and I saved money on the jacket and the sweater. Denim is an essential part of my wardrobe and something I wear most days. If I purchase a quality pair of jeans I know I can wear them often and they will hold their shape and fit. Continue reading

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