What Did I do to Ring in The New Year …

Courtesy: Town Shop, NYC

… purchase a new bra! It may surprise you but it was the best gift I could give myself. It had been a year since I bought a bra and it was time. You know that feeling when your clothes don’t look as flattering as they should and you are not sure why? Or the moment when you just don’t feel as stylish as you would like? When that happens, it is best to start first from the inside and work your way out. And just like a surprise visit from an old friend, I found myself in my old NYC neighborhood, staring at Town Shop, established in 1888 and perhaps the most famous lingerie shop in New York – and where I first learned about the importance of the right-fitting bra. A bra may seem like a subtle change but it is as vital as any element when shopping for clothes. We tend not to think about it but nothing does more for your look than wearing the right bra. I walked in to find Eddy – one of their extremely knowledgeable fitters, who spent time with me determining my size and fit.

Eddy helped me find a bra and explained to me what every woman should know: “Bras are a necessity; they are not an option. Women will spend money on shoes and handbags, but neglect to invest in their bras and undergarments. They go to Target and K-Mart to save money, but don’t have the right fit.” Here are some tips for buying a bra:

– replace your bra after a year

– if possible, have someone help you with the fitting. You need someone to measure you; not just for your cup size but also for your ribcage circumference. A fitter also knows which bras are made for which body type

– try on a bra with your top. This is crucial because you want to see how the bra looks with your clothes (you want to like the look!)

– invest in a good bra. Don’t just go the fast, cheap route

I left Eddy and I could feel myself standing taller with my shoulders back and the best posture that I have had in a long time. Good posture is key to generating a positive self esteem and confidence from the inside out. I can’t think of a better way to start the New Year. Please do it for yourself, too! Happy New Gear!

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Courtney says, “Swoop and Scoop!”

Find a good bra fitter, like Courtney

Find the right-fitting bra and a knowledgeable fitter, like Courtney

When you’re wearing the wrong bra size your clothes don’t look right. You become so hard on yourself and your body image takes a hit. But when you try on the right bra and see what you have been missing and how your clothes should fit, you realize that it’s not you. It’s the bra!” ~ Courtney Auchter

When I heard Halle Berry this week, talking about French women and the close attention they pay to their lingerie, I took a long, hard look at my own bras. I have written about the importance of a good-fitting bra and I certainly stand by my words, but somehow, I lost my own way. I have been wearing the same bra every day for far too long. It was time for me to do something about it.

Wearing a v-neck tee by Splendid I took myself to Nordstrom, the right destination for professional bra fitters. Once there, Courtney Auchter took care of me from start to finish. As she and I entered the dressing room I remarked that I was embarrassed to show her the state of my bra. Courtney was sweet and understanding; there was no judgment. She began by measuring me and we went from there. Continue reading

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I love comments. Feel free to share yours