Rivka says, “I see every woman as a star!”

Rivka with her husband, Sam

Rivka with her husband, Sam

What I do is not about clothes.” ~ Rivka

Rivka Grubb has been blessed with really good eyes; eyes that see things that help women feel and be their best selves. Not simply a fashion stylist or a fashion consultant, Rivka is more like the vehicle that strips away the black coal, to reveal the “diamond” that is the woman underneath. Rivka told me that it all began when she was a young child growing up in Israel with a doll make-over! Here is Rivka

I was born in Israel and grew up there, until I moved to The United States when I was 13. My father was a furrier; my mother was a Paris-trained dress-maker and designer. They both worked from home. My father worked with fur pelts and my mother worked with people who had the money for custom dresses; she designed dresses for these women. From the time I could crawl around the floor, I was surrounded by pieces of fur, silk, brocade, ribbons, and buttons. As a young child, I had a doll. Not a fancy Barbie Doll, but a plain, Ruth Doll. With Ruth, I began to play with the fabrics in my house: I gave her a fur stole, a new dress, and accessories. My mother says that when I was four years old, and I brought her the new version of Ruth, I looked at her and asked, ‘Doesn’t this look better?’ And I have been doing this ever since! I guess you could say that it is in my DNA. It’s in me. I have both the knowledge and the God-given talent to see things and know how to translate them for others …

What women need to know is that they are attractive just as they are. They have more inner beauty than they realize and it is possible to go from good to better, to shine through beyond. When I work with a woman for the first time, I ask her to look in the mirror and start with what she likes about herself. Women are so disapproving of themselves and it is essential to identify with the good things, first. Only then, can she accomplish a higher level of confidence … Continue reading

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